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ThinSkin Camo Wrap is made with breathable self-adhesive tape specifically designed to be used with any type of gear. It is safe and can be applied directly to just about any surface, including skin, instantly and neatly. No need for water or any other adherent. Like many of our customers, ThinSkin Camo Wrap isn’t intimidated by weather conditions either. In fact, it helps keep moisture out, working to protect your gear from the elements. It even helps dampen noise. It can also add grip so you can be confident your gear won’t slip and become damaged. Plus, it’s a great way to bring that not-so-new looking, but perfectly good old gear back to life. Why buy new when you can wrap in a snap? Removal is easy too. Hunting in an area that requires a different pattern? Or maybe you just feel like changing things up? No Problem! Our camouflage products just peel right off without leaving behind nasty residue that can damage the look and feel of your gear. No messy clean up or chemicals required. When removed properly, ThinkSkin Camo Wrap can even be used again. Safe, easy and versatile – Enhance your gear today with ThinSkin Camo Wrap!

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Easy to Use

Each sheet of ThinSkin Camo Wrap is ready to use right out of the package. All you need is a pair of scissors or a sharp blade and some time.

Long lasting

ThinSkin Camo Wrap is rugged and will last a long time. If you happen to scuff or tear a piece, just cut and apply a new piece – it’s that easy.

Stands up in any weather!

ThinSkin Camo Wrap is breathable and does not hold in moisture so it helps protect your gear from dust and rust.


ThinSkin Breathable Camo Wrap is 100% made in the USA

Safe to Use

ThinSkin Camo Wrap is safe to use on all your coveted gear, even your own skin. It doesn’t leave any messy residue either.

Get a Grip

ThinSkin Camo Wrap is a great way to add or restore grip to your gear. Perfect for old knife handles and gun stocks.

Works on Almost Anything

ThinSkin Camo Wrap adheres to just about any surface with ease. Plastic, wood, metal, even skin!

Dipping your gun provides a great but permanent look and can cost hundreds of dollars. Why go through the hassle when you can use peel and stick, removable ThinSkin Camo!